We Care About Your Teeth​ and Oral Health

Ensuring that every patient receives only the best dental care is our number one priority at Dr. Yahav’s office.

Whether your goal is to achieve the perfect pearly whites with cosmetic dentistry or just a basic dental health check-up, Dr. Yahav has extensive knowledge when it comes to your dental health.

For few of us, our health is of the top priority. We all may have a great body, yet a shining set of pearly whites are always the ones that set the heart racing.

Over the years, Dr. Jonathan Yahav has beautified many smiles with his work, using innovative solutions to guarantee long lasting satisfaction.

What might have been a scar from an accident can be corrected to a great extent by our experts in  Yahav’s cosmetic center. Dr. Yahav as well as the other doctors who work at this celebrated dental office have extensive experience performing surgeries at Chicago Smile Center.

People in and around the Chicago and Northwest suburbs now have a new destination to get their unique dental needs met.

At Chicago Smile Center, our helpful crew takes great care in ensuring that you receive perfect oral care in the most convenient methods possible. With the very best cosmetic and restorative treatments, you can be assured that our treatments can guarantee the results you want


Upon entering our office, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and be asked to provide your medical and dental history.

Please note: If you have dental insurance, be sure to bring the card.

Then, once you’ve filled out some forms you will see the doctor for a thorough examination, including dental impressions. Those who are interested in cosmetic dental procedures are encouraged to bring a list of questions and concerns regarding their particular situation. At the end of the consultation appointment, the patients will know what cosmetic procedure – if any, is best suited in their case and they will receive an appointment date for a comprehensive examination shortly after


The purpose of the second appointment is to gather the relevant clinical information required in your case. All of our cosmetic cases require a comprehensive examination, x-rays, models and photographs


Our dentists will draw up the most convenient schedule with each individual patient, taking your preferred times into consideration. During this titration period, all dental appliances will be evaluated for proper fit and efficacy, and your results will be monitored via check-ups. The maintenance appointments usually occur every 6 months


We provide dental services for children, adults and seniors. Patients have individual needs, emotional, physical and financial. We make every effort to satisfy all patients’ unique requirements. Some procedures which are time-consuming and require high-cost materials have the fees adjusted accordingly. We take pride in our work and take the time to do it properly. We are loyal to our clients and we hope to serve them for many years to come